Timmy the TimeBot



A friendly Slack bot who helps you manage your timesheets

Timmy the TimeBot Slack Interface

Easy to setup in Slack

Setup reminders and fill in your time
logs directly from Slack

Analytics for your
time logs

Get useful insights from your and your team's time logs on our dashboard

Project Stats

Get useful time logs info for each of your projects

User stats

Each user can view their own timelogs and you can keep track of your teams work hours

Making it super easy
to log your time

Timmy will help you report your time everyday on Slack

Daily prompts

Setup Timmy to send everyone a daily reminder on Slack to fill their time log

Useful Stats

Ask Timmy to tell you stats about your time logs or view them on the dashboard

Log time-off

Log your vacations within Slack with just a click of a button

Timmy the TimeBot dashboard

Focus on your Time Management.

Access the dashboard to get useful insights and manage your time better

User Friendly

It's super easy to log your time on Slack and view it on the dashboard

Manage your hours

Each user can view their own timelogs to help them manage their time effectively

Download Monthly Stats

Easily export your timelogs by just asking Timmy. It's that easy!

Loved by Startups
of all sizes

Timmy is for Everyone

Timmy is suitable for teams of all sizes that use Slack for their daily communication

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User Friendly

Easy Setup

Useful Analytics


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